Some prospects to look out for in the New Year

Aug 26, 2017
I've already written about Tramaine Willams, Edgar Berlanga, Chris Colbert and Joey Spencer, so I won't bore anyone with any more about them. Although all are still unbeaten and hopefully will make more progrss this year. By the same token, I know that many on here are well familiar with the likes of Jaron Ennis, Jesus Ramos, Vergil Ortiz jnr, Jose Ramirez and Nikita Abiby and Xander Zayas. So no need to add anything more about them for now..

Anyway, for what it's worth here are some of the most promising and interesting fighters on my current watchlist.

Omar Juarez - Super lightweight (6-0-0, 4 KOs). a 20 year-old orthodox with a refreshingly positive public image. Could be really special. His movement, footwork and shot selection are very good indeed. A crisp puncher and very fast. Unfortunately sustained a shoulder injury in his last fight, but as he is scheduled to fight next month, hopefully nothing too serious.

Joseph Adorno - Lightweight (14-0-0, 12 KOs). Another 20 year-old, orthodox of Puerto-Rican heritage. Fast and accurate with real power in both hands, especially the left hook. A very confident boxer with a great amateur pedigree.

Michel Rivera - Lightweight (17-0-0, 11 Ko's) promoter Sampson Lewkowicz has some very talented youngsters under his wing and I think this guy might be the best of them. 21 year-old, orthodox from Dominican rebublic. Fast with real power in both hands, like many confident young fighters, he needs to work on his defence, and he punches a bit wide, but he's learning fast and has already taken care of some pretty experienced opponents.

Ranfis Escarnacion - Featherweight (17-0-0, 13 Kos) Another Dominican, also in Lewkowicz's stable. 25 year-old with a solid amateur record. Great shot selection, with plenty of power. Has a tendency to sit in the pocket too long, resulting in him taking too many head shots, but he is smart enough to hone his defensive skills and not leave himself as exposed, when he fights better opponents.

Jesse Rodriguez - Flyweight (10-0-0, 6 KO's) southpaw. A very promising young fighter from Texas, highly skilled with great movement, both upper body and footwork. Fast and hits hard Still only 19 .

Reymart Gaballo - (23-0-0, 20 KO's) A fast and powerful 23 year-old bantamweight from the Phillipines. orthodox Another confident and accomplished young boxer who still has to learn about the art of defence, but is great to watch with genuine power.

Catch Joseph Adorno and his kid brother Jeremy, as well as Xander Zayas tomorrow night in Atlantic City. And also Omar Juarez, Michel Rivera as well as Jesus Ramos on February 1st.
Jun 4, 2013
Koki Inoue was making lists a long ass time ago. I've been keeping him on my watchlist. Guy seems to be knocking out a lot of dudes.
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Jun 6, 2013
Israil Madrimov ( JMW. 4 (4) -0 / 24 y-o. )
Three wins via KO in 2019, against "reasonably-credible opponents.
Madrimov Looks like Golovkin, but moves a lot more. Keep an eye on this guy!

Sonny Conto HW. 5-0 / 23 y-o)
5 fights / wins in 2019, four via KO.
He hasn’t faced any real opposition yet, but so far Conto looks fantastic. WHAT A JAB !

Martin Bakole. (HW. 15-1, 27 y-o.)
A prospect now entering journeyman-hood. After his loss to the very underrated Michal Hunter, Bakole (Once my favorite HW prospect) has come back, with four straight KO’s in 2019. Not the stiffest of competition, but Taking out Wach and Kingpin makes a statement.
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Aug 26, 2017
A tough night for Joseph Adorno on Saturday. Held to a draw over 8 rounds in his 15th fight by tough and durable Mexican Hector Garcia. I think the idea was to test Adorno, and get some hard rounds in against a solid fighter who has also gone the distance with Devin Haney and has never been stopped. As it turned out, Garcia really took the fight to Adorno and gave him more of a test than Adorno's camp had expected. It is a bit of a setback, but ultimately it could be a good learning fight for Adorno, and a reminder that he still has a lot to learn, and that he will not find it as easy as he thinks to reach the top level. He obviously needs to work more on his defence and realise that future opponents can also hit hard, and won't be as easily knocked over as some of his adversaries have been previously. A hard lesson for any boxer, but, as many have found out in the past, it may do him more good than harm if he responds in the right way.