Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer... What is this Shit?

May 25, 2013
No way this film does anywhere near that number man. The trailer and even the posters have been almost universally panned. I actually can't remember the last time a film has been shit on so much.

Seriously all they had to do was make an animated film for kids and throw in some good references for the adults that played the original games and you're pretty much set.
I hope you're right but I have not faith in the general public when something as awful as Transformers Last Knight grossed $600 mill or an industry that still allows Adam Sandler to make movies.
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"Messkin" Deebo
Jun 5, 2013
Show dem balls bro
On a side note, here's a small sneak peek from Marvel's new all-inclusive gender friendly and culturally urban themed superhero team movie coming out next summer:

Oh my gawd I can't wait!

There are here to tackle the most horrifying foe this universe has ever seen.....

Prepare yourselves for Marvel Superheroes new Avengers/Justice League anti-toxic masculinity blockbuster:

Pushing the boundaries of good and evil like never before!

Tackling the most controversial subjects of modern day society!

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Apr 10, 2016
Sonic's design is horrible, Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik, Gangsta's Paradise as the trailer song...

It's all so, so bad :lol:

Nice 1 m8 lol

Suppose with guardians of the galaxy popularity of Rocket u can see why they would make this. Anyone remember the Mario film.

God I have watched some shite films in my time no doubt ill wach this lol
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Jun 9, 2013
Personally im already eagerly awaiting Sonic the hedgehog two: Knuckles revenge..
Jun 28, 2013
I sometimes wonder how these people get work in the movie business with shit ideas like this. They are just taking the piss out of the general public now with these crap films.