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Oct 7, 2015
racist? evidence?
The fact that 99/100 times he credits black boxers too much and any non black boxer he tries to belittle achievement or play down talent. You don't need to be running around screaming you hate person x,y,z to be a racist, but it's clear to me he is very favourable towards black people for the simple reason of colour, which to me makes him a racist.
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Apr 12, 2014
Beijing China
Fearon knows fuck all, didn't he once say Darren Hamilton could win a world title? GGG a plodder i actually can't wait for his reaction when GGG sparks Brook cold guys a fool.
Sep 22, 2014
He's very irritating. His "knowledge" seems to be mostly based on dates a fight took place (most likely involving a black guy!).

I still remember Naz getting dealt with by Barrera on the 7th April 2001, does that make me the fucking "knowledge" too?

All this cunt does is name check the murderers row endlessly, it's just sad that he is given the platform. Can't help but laugh at GGG being a "plodder" without his power.

Racist cunt, hope he enjoys watching his "bredrin" Kell getting his toes curled next weekend.
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Proud WoolyBack
Apr 9, 2016
'The Doyen and The Knowledge' would be a great name for a podcast
Might as well close the forum down if those two started an organised weekly podcast*. What would even be the point in discussing boxing matters when you could just listen to those lads chew the fact. Telling you your own opinions before you had even thought of them, and then expressing those same thoughts better than you ever could.

White Sugar dropping some technical tidbits on a Christopher Rebrasse shoulder roll, Spencer X comparing Ohara Davies to black boxer from the 1920s he's recently Googled. Sold.

* Bens housing situation could put the buffers on them meeting up. Going sofa to sofa can't help in long term planning when travelling to studios etc.