Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Spoilers

Jun 4, 2013
9 movies later. Yoda bested. Mace Windu bested. Vader turned into a gimp. Dies in a deathstar explosion larger than a million hiroshima's only to rise from the grave!!


Then Rey comes along gets angry kill him in seconds :rofl

Fuuuck me...if you like this you really are a neckbeard.
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Jun 6, 2013
Rey is emperors grand daughter. Kylo dies. Rey takes skywalker name
I ended up reading it earlier. I saw several of the trailers I hadn't seen a couple days ago and I realized how shitty it's going to be. And now even more so. Once I saw the scene of them riding their animals on top of the fucking ship, I knew it was time to let go.
Jun 10, 2013
hhahahahah never
Disney going to be pumping this money hole for decades
I wasn’t sure if they’d just go off on other paths within the Star Wars universe and just kill off the whole Skywalker debacle.
Theoretically, yes, it is the "end" to a storyline that actually ended four decades ago.

In reality, if this movie is another big hit, Disney will surely fabricate a way to unnecessarily extend the storyline over yet another trilogy.
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