Suggest someQuick and easy healthy lunch/dinners

May 16, 2013
please can you help a brother out, trying to refubrish the temple..

I find it very easy to cook rice or the like which I know is counter productive i work shifts so time is a factor in meal prep for me
Any suggestions welcome
May 16, 2013
Here is my overnight oats recipe

60g of oats
200ml milk
One chopped banana (large chunks)
Big handfull of blueberrys
1 heaped tea spoon of baking choc powder
Small handfull of almonds

•Mix oats with choc powder in a bowl
•Blend milk,bananas and blueberries for about 10 seconds on low speed, should have a thick consistency at the end.
•pour into oats and mix in with a tea spoon
.Add almonds and mix
Leave overnight