Susanna Hoffs v Liz Hurley

Who you going for?

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Jun 5, 2013
I thought it was for who you’d fuck the most, based how they look now....not how they looked in 1989......or how intelligent/less needy/down to earth they are.

For fuck’s sake, is this some faggy, liberal chat room I’ve stumbled into?


Bosomus Maximus
Jun 14, 2012
Bringing this asshole in the discussion eh. How does one go from prime Liz Hurley to getting a blow job from this thing????

Don't look at me man, it was CHB's greatest wordsmith who first brought mention of that creature into this thread....:

Hurley I see getting hot and sweaty but being irritated about that and announcing she is going for a shower. Alone. Because she has a fucking headache. At that point I'd probably leave her to it, jump in the car and go down to Sunset and Vine and get my cock sucked by a $20 Pirelli-lipped whore. :lol:
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Sittin Sonny

The Antifa Shuffle
Jun 10, 2013
And considering he got caught with that thing, perhaps that is not the first time he got his knob polished by a street hooker, and she suspected it in the back of her mind and wouldn't chance it.

Either way, he lost, and lost big.
On top of losing Hurley, it overshadowed and undermined his attempt to become a star in the States (which never really came to fruition).
May 23, 2013
I love the Hoffs as a natural beauty but I think Hurley has a bit more of a filth factor which I’ve always liked.
However,as was mentioned recently,guys have a tendency to cheat on Hurley,which tells me the look of filth may not be matched by the necessary attitude in the boudoir ya feel me?
Can’t help but wonder if Liz thinks she’s above polishing the knob or something because the idea of cheating on her seems ridiculous on the surface,yet has been a recurring theme.
Look at the eyes. Liz hurly is way more dirtier. Filthier hornier. Hoffs not into anal i can tell hurly is into kinky shit.
So for me hurly. I always go for the kinkyer one
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