Terence Crawford (WBO) vs. Kell Brook - November 14th 2020

Crawford vs. Brook Winner and How?

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Jul 21, 2013
The norm is for almost all trainers is that they go into camp with the boxer who is earning the bigger paycheck. And leave the assistant trainers to be in the corner for the routine fights of other boxers. Thats how they all play it.

I dont believe Dominic Ingle. The fact that Brook sidestepped Eddie Hearn as well. Means he is saving money 10% trainers fee for Ingle and a 15% management fee for Hearn since this is a Top rank card.

Thats straight $500K he has saved. Financially probably a wise decision.

Maybe Ingle did turn down the opportunity to train Brook for Michael Zerafa but the payacheck for Zerafa was way smaller then Crawford fight.
Its the truth. That’s how Dom is. Stubborn fucker. He did the same with Saunders. If you aren’t here for a full camp he won’t train you.

There’s also the argument of a quick buck now & risk upsetting Williams & Hutchinson or years of regular pay days from them.
May 8, 2016
Ryan Rhodes and Adam Etches going to be training Brook for Crawford ?

Does Porky get any inside info or does he just make stuff up...?

Ryan Rhodes and Etches despise each other. Rhodes was involved in fake investment scam with a con man called Mathew Balme. He was exposed by Etches. Notably the Snooker player Ronnie O Sullivan got ripped off and Etches went freestyle on Rhodes on twitter.

Here is the thread from 2016.
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May 8, 2016
time will tell...
Most likely Etches will be the coach. Close friends with Brook. Might bring in Mark Tibbs to help the corner he is out there in Spain with BJ Saunders. Surprised if Rhodes and Etches are both involved.

This is from July and Kells been in training and preparing in Spain since then. On the pads with Etches. And he has been sparring Saunders.
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