The 10 Greatest Bantams of All Time

Flea Man

'Nak Muay Sakon: The Boxers of Thailand 1946-1996'
Jun 2, 2012
Yeah, same thing really. Although more books = more intertwining opportunities. Plus you'd be able to churn out the books quicker, and you'd 'spread out' more as in there'd be more opportunities of people finding your books if there's more of them. And if people enjoy, say, the flyweight book, they'd be likely to purchase the other ones in the series.

Just something to think about!
It’s not a bad shout at all mate. I’ve actually been leaning towards 5 lately (which would be 3 books) I liked the idea of 3 before....hmmmm. Should probably just keep on writing and see what happens!

Definitely the 108lbers next though! That will be a combined list of straw and light fly, essentially, as any 105lber worth their salt also fought at 108, and 105 isn’t worthy of a top ten on its own.
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