The best all round boxing performance you have seen

May 17, 2013
Two I can think of that were definitely the most satisfying to watch for me personally.

Marco Antonio Barrera over Naseem Hamed (Hamhead to me) It was a perfectly executed boxing lesson that was put on one of the most unorthodox fighters to ever enter the ring and made his style look absolutely foolish.

The other one was more recent with Marcos Maidana beating Adrien Broner, or "About Bullshit" as I like to call him. Maidana put on a boxing clinic and shut up that arrogant asshole and left him looking like someone took his favorite toy right after getting it on Christmas morning when walking back to his dressing room.


May 24, 2013
Emain Macha
Watched Lennox Lewis v Rahman II last night.

Against a dude who dealt him a KTFO, Lewis proceeded to jab the fuck out of his face and head, using some of the most powerful jabs I have ever seen.

Lewis wasn't swinging. He wasn't even aggressive. His chin was protected at all times, and he worked to get Rahman in range for punishment. He was totally controlled and clinical.

Within 4 rounds he had Rahman in all sorts of trouble. Cuts on the face, tormented by jabs, and then the combinations came out. Soon he's left Rahman unconscious on the canvas with a sweet one two combination shattering his jaw.

The ultimate boxing performance - disciplined, tactical, powerful and destructive. Utterly one sided ass beating from a master on a mission to set the fucking record straight on some trashtalking punk ass clown.
Given Lennox's carelessness in the first fight, that was one of the great, maybe the greatest, rematch fight victories I've seen.
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May 13, 2013
Floyd Mayweather was spectacular against Corrales, Gatti, and Marquez.
Marquez fight was abit meh, great performance but Floyd new what he was doing bringing Marquez up. I remember during the fight thinking Marquez would of been able to box with Floyd no worries if he was longer and faster.