The Best I Fought - RAY MERCER

DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013
Larry Holmes: I learned how to throw my jab off Larry. He had one of the best jabs in the world, ever. I’ve got to give that to him; his jab was awesome. He used the jab for a lot of things: to hurt you, set up the right hand, he used it well.

Francesco Damiani: He was a southpaw, he took away my jab, he looked kinda big, he was awkward. This guy could really move and he was a boxer.

Evander Holyfield: He was just fast. Before you know it the jab is coming back. He was a smaller guy, so he was obviously faster than the big guys.

Holyfield: When he threw punches he didn’t just hit and stay there, he was a very smart fighter. He’d hit you and move to the side. He’ll come back with something and move to the other side. He’s real slick on his feet.

Bert Cooper: We had fight of the year in 1990. That dude took everything I had and I took everything he had. We both ended up in the hospital. Lennox Lewis and Holyfield took a good shot.

Lennox Lewis: He knows when to battle and when not to battle. He listens to his trainer, he’s smart in a lot of ways. He gets in there and you think he’s not going to throw this and he does. He hits you with stuff you don’t think you’ll get hit with. He’ll set you up.

Lewis: We were coming in and bumping into each other. He wasn’t budging and I wasn’t budging. He’s got some slick moves, he’s a big man, everything he did was slick and strong. He was definitely the strongest.

Wladimir Klitschko: He was a bigger and stronger guy. I really didn’t know him so when he hit me I was like, ‘Damn, where did he come from?’ I was in shape and he was just a powerful dude, his jab and everything, very heavy-handed, more than Lewis.

Holyfield: Everybody knows he’s got the skills to hit and move, hit and not get hit. He was slick, everything his trainer told him to do he does. He was in a position to punch all the time, that’s one thing that amazes me, you have to have good footwork for that. He knows all the moves, he’ll make you pay for your mistakes. He’s just a natural, he’s got everything, he’s complete, he’s the Real Deal.

Lewis: He’s a big guy, he was a great champion, he’s a strong guy, he had one of the best trainers in the world in Emanuel Steward, that’s half the battle. Emanuel Steward could get Lennox Lewis to fight the fight Emanuel wants him to fight. (Lewis) is one of the best of our generation.
May 17, 2013
Nothing about the punishment he took from Morrison im surprised, till he nearly killed him on the ropes and morrison gassed, he was handing ray some brutal shots.
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