The Betting Thread

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Apr 10, 2016
When he was 15, I got 10/1 on Aaron Ramsey getting a Wales cap.

At 15 he was on the verge of breaking into the Cardiff side and not too far from playing in an FA Cup Final.

Crazy odds really.
Nice 1 pal. Nearest I have got to that predicting what will happen in the future. Had a women will win grand national 9/1 put a tenner on a couple of years ago.
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Apr 10, 2016
Ryan Burnett 7/4 to win by ko/tko its been 10 fights 3 years since last ko but with the format of super series a weight drained opponent I might put some money on

Cormier points 11/1

Would like to have him tko ko but at 1/2 not worth it.
Apr 10, 2016
Put £20 on Burnett ko/tko

Also had a free £10 bet so put it on DC points win vs Lewis 11/1

Talking about free bets started to use them on Wilder vs Fury

Going to have Wilder rounds 1-6

And quite a big bet on Wilder win ko/tko 6/4

Tom that Eubanks girl is fighting weekend. Remember watching her on ultimate fighter got all the way to final and had to be pulled out kidney failure from weight cutting insane
Jun 6, 2012
Nice 1 pal. Nearest I have got to that predicting what will happen in the future. Had a women will win grand national 9/1 put a tenner on a couple of years ago.
Is there a time limit on it mate?

They still aren't getting the rides are they? About 1 per year out of the 40?
Sep 10, 2016
Just spoke to my missus about your chances as she was a horse trainer and amateur jockey herself. She said she’d have wanted better odds than you got mate.

Basically the two women (Walsh and Carberry) who had a chance have since retired and the only one perhaps coming through is Rachel Blackmore and with that she’s still got to land on the horse that comes good on the day of the national and that’s also if she’s on one of the favourites which isn’t that likely.

Missus says basically you’ll need a woman coming through that has the talent, and also the connections in the business so it’s likely to be a daughter of a top trainer.

Factor in that AP McCoy raced the national 15 times and only won once and it’s a very difficult nut to crack
Jul 29, 2014
Just had a bet on Usyk to win by KO/TKO/DQ and United to beat the blue bastards on Sunday at 16/1. So effectively I have got 16/1 on United to beat City.
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Apr 10, 2016
Had Usyk points £40 hope Bellew pulls it off though

Also put a grand on Wilder to Spark out Fury.

Been thinking about it for a while. I did drop the idea but kept going back to it. In the end figured I would regret it more for not backing Wilder.

Just cant see Fury winning and or Wilder winning on points. If its cuts or injury before 4 im screwed lol.

It will be a strange 1 when I bet a grand on Groves really wanted him to win. This is the reverse really want Fury to win just cant see him doing it
Aug 28, 2014
Had £100 on Bellew to get knocked down

People save your money Christmas is paid for, Fury to be knocked down is 5/4, regardless if you think he wins or not all it takes is for Wilder to clip him and then Fury's legs go then Wilder goes crazy with a windmill attack Fury will go down


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Mar 24, 2018

Kerman Lejarraga In Rounds 7-9.
Robin Krasniqi to win.
Anthony Sims Jr to win.
Gabriel Rosado By Decision/Technical Decision.
Jarrell Miller In Rounds 4-6

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Aug 17, 2014
Hurd to KO welborn in first 4 rounds is 11/10. How much of a puncher is Hurd? Surely he'll be looking to go out and make a statement
Aug 26, 2017
6/4 for Stevenson v Gvozdyk looks a reasonable bet to me. Gvozdyk is pretty good, but he's not on the same level as his two more illustrious compatriots. I reckon Stevenson will do a number on him.
Aug 28, 2014
Good bet on betway Fury vs Wilder - Either fighter to get knocked down 4/7, with the weight advantage Fury could easily drop Wilder if he lands clean