The Downfall of Charlie Zelenoff

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Jun 4, 2013
This guy clearly has a few screws missing. Now he is following people around at night and just attacking them (8 minute of video). He is going to end up dead when he messes with the wrong person. In a sense, it's not his fault because he is mentally ill. He is literally a victim of his physiology.
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Serving Life Without Parole
Nov 29, 2015
Was this a reveal of some massive troll job?

nope, he still appears serious & ridiculous

I’ve just always assumed that in reality it’s just an elaborate act & given the things he’s done, people he’s confronted & sparred with etc I assumed he’s probably making a few bucks in this strange, weird, crazy world of moneytizing social media content
Jun 7, 2013
6 years old, but I just saw this video so I consider it new.


"you took Charlies belt, you became world famous after that"... lol points to Ellie for that one.
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Aug 2, 2013
All bullshit aside, I always thought it was impressive how well Zelenoff took those punches from Wilder. I mean, the meth he smoked might have helped but still impressive nonetheless.
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