The Downfall of Charlie Zelenoff

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May 17, 2013
Gumbo, I used to work as a mental health technician in my 20’s.

You are correct, if he goes around punching people in a psychiatric unit he will be medicated with a B 52 shot, (haldol ativan cogent in) and possibly be put in physical restraint as worse case scenario.

Then he will be put on a 1 to 1. Arms length with a mental health technician.

He is a danger to society if he keeps going around to gyms and cheap shotting people.

The recurring theme with Charlie in gyms is, he will put on his gloves and talk people into sparring him and as his opponent is still putting on his gloves, Charlie rips into them all hell bent for damage.

That is nothing short of "cheap shotting" an opponent and I can't believe nobody has put that asshole in the hospital,,,,,or worse.

Got to give it to the guy though, as many times as he's been clipped by clean shots, he's not been KO'd from what I've seen. I mean in one video I saw, Wilder clipped him pretty good and he ran away while men Wilder's size were KTFO.

So it seems he has some kind of "retard resistance" going on between his ears where the concussion just doesn't register.