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Who will win The Women's World Cup?

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Jun 4, 2012
Barca are there for the taking. Panicky defence, not used to pressing. The ref was AWFUL. Let a ludicrous number of Utd fouls go without bookings, didn't even give a free kick for Smalling just charging into Messi... then near the end books Smalling and Lingard for minor fouls if even fouls. Never yellows.

Needed VAR to tell him Shaw handballed it when it was right in his eyeline.

Smalling had enough fouls to have been off twice. Barcelona were shite bar about 3 or 4 good passes.


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May 14, 2013
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Chelsea will win today.

Book it.

Man City won 1-0 with a 91st minute goal. Poor game quality wise and the goal was one of the worst own goals I've seen in years, though you could describe it as a sublime chip over the on rushing keeper. Still Man City going through to the Women's FA Cup final against a surprising West Ham team.


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Jul 29, 2012
Good result for Liverpool but the way they were playing as soon as it went 2-0 was really risky. They're a very emotional club, partly so because of the significance of a day like today, the long wait without a league title and then the history of slipping up too, and in some games - like today - it doesn't seem like they have a control over the tempo and can't calm things down. They can also be flat, nervy and incapable of turning it on at times too. They're a visibly nervy club whereas City have been here recently, are used to winning and have that calm mentality.

Pretty astonishing season for Liverpool all things considered. I hope they do go on to win the title and I think they'll be better in the future if they do break that long wait without a title.
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Jun 4, 2012
City will win it, I don't see them dropping another point, and they're just packed with players who can dig them out of a hole.

They always seem to get an early goal too. But our toughest game is gone, and I'm just praying that Spurs and/or Utd can do us a favour.

Shows what utter bollocks the "choking" crap was, after the West Ham, Leicester draws, too.


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May 16, 2013
Kinda like the Leicester season...I kept thinking they'd lose but they kept winning.

Thank fuck you're not allowed to bet in the land of the free, tbh.
Jun 6, 2012
Where's your head at @Strike ?

Will we win the last 4, will it be enough?

Or you still doing that thing of tipping against what you want :hey
Jun 4, 2012
Where's your head at @Strike ?

Will we win the last 4, will it be enough?

Or you still doing that thing of tipping against what you want :hey
I think we will probably win the last 4 now, as Salah looks up for it, Henderson pushed further forward has made a big difference and Keita is playing well too. We have more options now, and we still have Gomez to come back and Oxlade Chamberlain is due back in 2 weeks I think.

But, I don't think City will drop a point. I think they'll beat Spurs and put a few past Utd. So I expect us to finish second and miss out by a point.