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Who will win the 2019/20 PL??

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Jul 29, 2012
I don’t want another manager, really. They all come in with a 4 year plan, get halfway through, then get fired and the next manager’s got extra players to bin off before he can introduce his long term ideas.

It’s a strange one though. Brendan Rodgers is a cunt of a man but you never see his team going through this ‘transition period’ that a lot of other clubs seem to need. He turns up and within 3-4 weeks his team are playing the way he wants. Other teams seem to have years for their transition period and it’s legitimised by every fucking pundit as well. “It won’t happen overnight”, “These things take years”, etc.

Basically, I haven’t got any answers or ideas.
Yeah, I wasn't clear but I wouldn't be arguing that Solskjaer should go either, I'd still give him time and another two transfer windiws.

Interesting point about Rodgers and true too. If he was United manager, they wouldn't be playing like this so he's definitely got the ability to get players singing from the same hymn sheet. Saying that though, it probably shouldn't be too surprising, he'd be a great manager if he was better at organising a defence. He'd do a good job at United I think.


Jul 17, 2012
South London
shocking that they have fucked var up this badly.

we worked out how to do it when i was at school. you have a guy looking at the cameras, you have a ref with a phone, if the guy sees it's not a goal he has like 1 min to tell the ref.

killing the entire point of football to check mm's on an offside decision is fucking stupid. people used to celebrate then realise the ref was flagging and be disapointed, now many actual goals can't be celebrated because there is bureaucracy happening.

liverpool dude is in line, fuck mm's.
Jul 18, 2012
my other other benz
I'm sorry, you'd prefer a real time eye test by officials who may or may not have seen a thing?
Yeah. VAR takes alot of the excitement out of live football and to not much end, everyone still argues about everything and matches are still be decided by incorrect or debatable decisions all the time.

If for offside they could come up with some GENUINE technology, IE not a man watching a video and drawing lines on the screen, Id be well up for that.


Jul 17, 2012
South London
The Goal -- Eduardo Galleano:

The goal is football's orgasm, and like orgasm's goals have become an ever less frequent occurence in the modern world.......
...The goal, even if it be a little one, is always a goooooooooooooooooal in the throats of commentators, a 'do' sung from the chest that would leave even Caruso forever mute; the crowd goes nuts and the stadium is no longer concrete but flying through the air.

sorry bro, now a goal is when caruso hits the mute button and the fans eat some nuts.
Jun 4, 2012
They were supposed to delay the flag, not, not flag at all. He did the right thing.

They've measured it from Firmino's shoulder, not his foot.
The call is made depending on the most advanced body part that you can legally score from, which is why they were judging his shoulder. If they were judging his hand it wouldn't be offside anyway because you can't score with your hand. Firmino's shoulder was a fraction ahead of the defenders knee so it was perfect use of technology.
Aye, and it was wrong. Look at the state of the fucking line they've drawn, also it turns out they drew the line and then moved it. :lol: Absolutely farcical.

And who was the VAR official who drew the line and then changed it? Oh yeah...Martin Atkinson, the ref who didn't give a free kick for the foul on Origi against Man U...also didn't give the blatant penalty on Keita against Leicester last season, and didn't give us a penalty against Newcastle for a foul on Matip. If you're found to have redrawn the lines to make it match with the on field decision, you shouldn't be in the job.