The Historic Forum's 'what fights did you watch today' thread

Dec 21, 2017
Willie Pep vs Fabela Chaves

Not a lot of Pep footage so you have to take what you get, hadn't seen this before, complete control and manipulation of his opponent

Dec 21, 2017
Sonny Liston vs Cleveland Williams I
Sonny Liston vs Cleveland Williams II

Williams showed lots of ambition in the first couple rounds of the first before Sonny knocked that clean out of him in the third.
Williams started more tentatively in the opening round of the second fight then went for it in next round before getting pummelled with some ferocious finishing from Liston.

First time I've watched any Sonny Liston, that didn't involve Floyd Patterson or Ali, pretty brutal power punching


Dec 29, 2015
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Extraordinary first round it makes you remember that classic first one by tommy and marvin no doubt, fight went bombs all the way legends says pryor cheated by drinking mixed cocaine after the 13th.... you might think the man had super powers after taking all those right hands by arguelllo but really who knows
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DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013
What's your thoughts on Lyle?

Wins against Bonavena, Ellis, Shavers and Bugner. Not a bad CV, along with taking on the very best of the era
Extremely exciting to watch and underrated by many. That Foreman-Lyle fight, which I have watched previously, is really something else.

Lyle mainly only lost to high quality opponents, though Lyn Ball is someone I am unfamiliar with and must see if I can find any of his fights. In particular the Lyle one.