The Historic Forum's 'what fights did you watch today' thread

That's a ridiculous statement. And it's not much of a fact. You can do this with any fight. "Had Foreman paced himself vs Ali better he wouldn't have been knocked out." You don't afford Duran the same kind of excuses for some reason, maybe because Tommy Hearns is your favorite fighter.
I don't think that is a ridiculous statement. Barkley was leaning over in pain and cut over both eyes. This was going to happen, just that Tommy got careless.


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Sep 2, 2013
Scarborough Beach, Western Australia
just watched this one again:

and this time i actually scored it.

my card:

leonard 113
hearns 115



feel free to disagree :good
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Jun 14, 2012
Pacquiao vs Cotto.

Was in work today and this fight just popped into my head. Got home and saw that Sky's YouTube channel had just uploaded it.

Anyway pretty fuckin destructive from Pac. His speed was simply phenomenal. Such a fuckin pity that the Mayweather fight didn't happen directly after this. Still think Mayweather would have won but Pacquiao was a different animal back in 09.
May 17, 2013
I got a bit nostalgic last night and watched several highlighted versions of Sugar Ray Robinson's fights. I watched him against LaMatta, one of their 5 fight series where the ref called the fight in the 13th round due to Jake taking a serious ass whipping for several rounds before the stoppage.

Then I pulled up the Marciano/Walcott fight where Rocky was trying to take Walcott's belt and was behind on all judges cards going into the 13th round and he KO's Walcott with one of the most vicious right hands ever landed on another man.

Then the KO bug hit and I watched several highlighted videos of top KO's in boxing that encompassed all weight classes.
Jun 20, 2013
Castillo v corrales 1
Pacquiao v Marquez 1,4
Cotto v margarito 1,2
Pacquiao v margarito

Some great fights in them. I little weird I still feel cheated by Margarito from the first Cotto fight. Only really watched him fight Pac because I wanted revenge.

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Jul 13, 2018
Watched Ibeabuchi-Byrd.

interesting clash of styles and again we see what could have been.
After 2 rounds Ike had pretty much figured him and Chris had not many more tricks up his sleeve.
That brutal left hookercut in the 5th was savage and perfectly timed.
Ibeabuchi really was the heir apparent and apart from Lennox I cant see anyone beating him then.
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