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Who wins Conor or Khabib?

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There's nothing that bores me more than public negotiations when it comes to money. And I don't know why fans obsess over it either, you would think they were receiving the money. I don't care how much Khabib or Conor gets paid for the rematch and neither should anyone else who isn't getting a %. I can't be arsed with it turning into MMA's version of AJ-Wilder.
Yea, but that's what happens when fighters get asked questions they would do better to stay silent on. Luke thinks he has his boy's back. He isn't grasping that he is making khabib look typical.

I don't mind it, so long as it gets the rematch dismissed before ESPN and the rest can change the narrative to make it happen
I love the part when he says the UFC would lose him too. Khabib is going to get paid if he ever fights again. Bellator would pay him right, but he has nothing left to prove in the sport. A rematch with Conor is only worth the money and I don't see Khabib taking the rematch primarily for the money.
Fedor looked like a powerhouse in his open workout. Sadly his chin is gone and knees/back are completely fucked. An absolute shame, because he looks like he got motivated for this one. Chael also looked to be hitting the pads pretty hard by his standards.


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So a famous fighter who's never met me and isn't aware of my existence or support doesn't care about it? Right. Doesn't that go for every one of us on here?
I don't understand why you love the guy so much. He doesn't appreciate your support, and he's been phoning in his career for a decade now.