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Who Will Win it All?

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Oct 22, 2012
Mj needs to fo ahead and make the deal, aend rozier and monk to no for Lonzo

Let the ball era take the hornets to new heights.

Ainge needa to fire stevens and be replaced himself for how much he has swuandered his picks and their talent. You got brown and tatum, he hasnt added a damn thing to make them better this offaeason. Smh.
Yes. Stevens needs to be out. Ainge could have gotten Myles Turner or TJ Warren for Hayward, but Ainge was asking for both. He was even asking for oladipo. He should have just took Turner. Dude just really fucjed that deal up.
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Oct 22, 2012
Anyone wanna catch me up on the off-season moves?
Well, I think this latest trade was not good for both teams. Most think Washington got the better of the deal, but Westbrook is actually starting to break down. I think this layoff was good for Wall. Plus Houston gets a draft pick.

Atlanta did very well this off-season, as did the Lakers.
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Dec 6, 2019
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Ain't nothing else happen?
Ain't nothing else happen?
Nah. Just teams swapping old broke vets. Wall for Westbrook. MJ overpaid for Gordan Hayworths knee's instead of overpaying for Kemba's knees. League incredibly top heavy at the moment. The minnows probably arent going to do much movement and just concede the season to LA, Milwaukee, Clippers and maaaaybe Brooklyn.