The Official Crisps Thread


Jul 14, 2012
I haven't eaten a packet of crisps for a long time. If I ever buy a packet from a shop, it'll probably be Walkers - prawn cocktail is a nice one to go for. Sometimes I go for Kettle chips (?), which are much thicker and have quite a nice taste. Tubes of Pringles are fantastic for any situation, there's a pizza-flavoured one which I like a lot, although flavours such as sour cream and onion are great as well. I like the chilli-flavoured Sensations, although the problem with those and Pringles is that the volume is quite large and I lack self-control when eating crisps on my own. Wotsits and Quavers are a thing of the past, nothing really wrong with the taste, just don't go for them anymore. We have quite a lot of Pom Bears in the house, which my mother buys. They literally come in the shape of teddy bears. Taste OK, I suppose.
Jun 7, 2012
stanley kettle crisps (ketchel)

i was putting crisps in my tuna mayo while back and someone goes what are you a kid??? i said fck off its gotta be done, then my mate looked at him crazy, like you dont put crips in your sarnie??? lol