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May 17, 2013
How did G’s use to promote the fight?

Maybe they talked shit on Twitter?

Or maybe they posted some stupid memes on Instagram?

Or maybe they ducked each other for years to marinate it?

Fuck no.

They promoted fights by fighting.

1 months before one of the biggest events of the year:

1 month - let that sink in.

Notice that Chavez was only mildly irritated - such was the irresistible force of Macho’s personality - just good ol’ friendly trash talk.

And then they kicked the shit out of each other (well, JC mostly did the kicking) for 12 rounds.

Hugged, went partying, did coke.

Zero fucks given.
Camacho endured to the end like a man...I really respect him for going the distance...taking that brutal beating.


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Jun 30, 2012
Tired of your shit, Abel
Rewatched Pintor - Davila 2.

It's actually a very good razor-close fight.

The last third is a classic mexican action.

Davila is what a true boxer once was - a fighter who uses his excellent skillset to beat down his opponent.

You can tell he wasn't the strongest guy around - didn't even look like much of a threat

But the man simply refused to be a weakling.

Fought everyone - gave hell to almost anyone.

And Pintor is what the real mexican fighter is about - balanced, well-schooled, textbook , relentless and fearless.

Competitive tough fight - extremely close decision - Pintor's reaction?

Walks directly to Davila and shakes his hand - you can't disrespect your opponent with inappropriate screaming and jumping.

Pintor's celebration as they put the belt back on him?

A slight smile.

OG stuff.
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Dec 25, 2013
The fighters ranked 1 & 2 are fighting each other tonight, Estradra who is ranked 3 is to fight the wbc champion in april and Funai who is ranked 4th is to fight the ibf champion