The President Joseph Biden Thread


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Dec 6, 2019
Varaždin, Hrvaška
Dunno if you've seen this before but the socialist MP Tan Dhesi tore him a new one over all this a while back.

I think thats why UK conservatives will never go full batshit insane like us Americans and your democracy is more healthier than ours. You sit the PM up there and give him a dressing down. You would never have this megalomania and cult of personality surrounding the presidency if they were called out directly for their actions instead of being able to hid behind their constituency.
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Jun 4, 2013
Here is a fun fact for you retard. Biden won Michigan by 255,000 votes. Detroit had a total of 250,000 votes (and obviously some were for Trump).

So even if you somehow "threw out" all those votes Biden still wins.

Lol you dumb old sack of shit.


May 17, 2013
The House that Peterbilt
No he isn't. Maybe not ever.


maybe the single most embarrassing episode of 'political theater' in the nations history

a for real full blown cringetopia tardfest aimed at boomer morons.............

Im betting you LOVED it,start to hair dye dripping finish :lol:

Trump Campaign Drops Michigan Election Suit, Claims Victory

President Donald Trump’s campaign says it’s dropping its Michigan election lawsuit because it succeeded in halting certification of election results in Detroit and surrounding Wayne County, despite the outcome already having been certified in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.


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Aug 2, 2013
Not a big fan of the you suck chant though.

It sounds like vino, Joe and Swollen, Bach and TommyGun...before they realized super Joe was their only hope and were forced to kiss the ring.

Lol I went back and listened and just noticed that now

Oh well, you can still be victorious with hecklers