CHB Führer
May 16, 2013
Watched this show called All American.

Apparently a true story about a kid who gets pulled out of a shit school and into a top school with great football program. i was thinking it'd be like Friday Night Lights without the soap opera crap tat ruined it. Like a real gritty struggle of rags to riches type shit. How fuckin wrong was i, ffs. It started off decent but after about 2 episodes turned into to some Beverly Hills 90210 bullshit that teenage lassies watch.

Actually embarrassed to say I was tricked into watchn this shit..


Jun 13, 2012
Tycho Station
Chernobyl is absolutely fantastic, dark atmosphere, you don't need any special effects, history and the knowledge that practically everyone on screen will die eventually due to radiation creates incredible tension. Both the visuals, the sound design, performances and writing are top notch. You may not like this grim, relentless, slow pressure it's building cause it's not heading toward any sort of happy ending, but this style never stopped The Wire delivering something special, did it?


Jun 13, 2012
Tycho Station

Chernobyl is so intense in fact, I need to chill down with something lighter so I've started watching HBO's Barry... which is about a hit man wanting out to pursue a career as an... actor. And it works! Very odd black comedy with well refined main character possibly suffering from military PTSD and social reintegration. Between over the top gory action and acting gigs with Kurosawa and other references, plus the oddball backhand humor, it has a darker drama side and I look forward finding out where it goes. Definitely more than what the plot promises.

* * * * * * * * * *


And of course it's cool down time with the hilarious second season of Happy!, the most pleasant surprise I've found a few months back. It's an ex-cop sorta-hitman on PCP & all sorts of drugs starting to see a CGI doll unicorn that tells him he has a daughter to save. Just like the best season of Preacher, it gets weirder, more bizarre, absolutely gory and utterly hilarious each episode. What a breath of fresh (stinking, alcoholic, druggy, rotter) air. Christopher Meloni is legendary with his faces and Patton Oswalt is hilarious with his adorable, naive imaginary flying friendly doll. LOVELY SHOW!

Jun 14, 2012
Finished Daredevil tonight. Thought it was very good and an improvement on season 2. This character fuckin thrives in a gritty crime setting. Him fighting ninjas and shit was fun for a little while but it got old. Thank fuck they brought the Kingpin back. The bloke that plays him is fuckin brilliant in the role.

How this show hasn't gotten some major awards for the stunts I'll never know. Every season has one continuous shot of him fighting but this seasons one while a little different is arguably the best. The fuckin thing goes on for 10 minutes non stop.

The bloke that plays Bullseye was brilliant too. I only ever saw the character in the film but I really liked the way they handled him her. The bloke that plays him looks like a younger version of Michael Shannon. Anyway I'll give it a good 7/10 as there were a few things that pissed me off about it like Matt's constant annoying self pitying in the beginning but it was a class fuckin show.

Also the bastsrds over at Netflix and Marvel only went and cancelled the show. Cunts.


Bone 4 Tuna
May 20, 2013
Vice City

Just one episode in but I already like it a lot. Its pure Shane Meadows. That pub scene was well done , with the flat and warm vodka and coke! We've all been there.