Brit/Ire Tim Tszyu vs Dennis Hogan - March 31st

DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013
Looks like Tszyu-Hogan has been agreed to with only the venue to be decided

Tim Tszyu 17-0 and WBO #2, IBF #3 light middleweight says he is confident he will defeat WBC #8 middleweight Dennis Hogan 28-3-1 on March 31, at a venue to be announced.

”I don’t see it like others do" said Tszyu. “For me, this is not a big gamble. When I go to fight for that world title, I’m going there to win it, not to be a participant and just compete. So this fight against Dennis Hogan is the perfect preparation."

“Every fight for me is a big step up, every fight is a must-win fight. If I am to be a world champion, I’ve got to destroy whoever is in my way, and right now that is Hogan.”
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May 22, 2013
Boxrec now listing a venue for this one - Newcastle Entertainment Centre. It has a capacity of about 6,500.

Newcastle on a Wednesday night. That’s a no from me dawg.

I would have gone in Sydney on a Wed night.. considered going in Newy on a Sat. But Newy and Wed. To much.

Id be keen to watch but to be honest I’ll be battling to take myself to the pub on a Wed night.

Wednesday is terrible for these things. I get they don’t want to compete with the footy but still. They’ll just have to accept it. Surely boxing fans can skip an early season regular competition game for a fight instead. Pubs would still show it on a Friday as well. Sunday arvo footy doesn’t stop them buying UFC and other boxing PPV. Plus it might even bring some new eyes to the boys just by way of people regularly being in the pub on Friday.

The majority of people watching on a Wednesday night are fans who are going out of there way for it.