Today has been a year since my mother left this world

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May 19, 2013
Las Vegas
A year ago, I found my mother asleep in her bedroom upstairs. She died peacefully. She was discharged from the hospital and was told to do the 14 day isolation since she caught covid.

I dreaded today as it’s been 365 days since I interacted with her.

It was a summer night and I slept till about 1 pm. It’s usually hot so I slept downstairs where it’s cooler.

Around 3 I get a text from my sister and I went to check on my mother. She was sleeping and was already turning blue. I called the ambulance but it was too late.

That same day I checked myself back to the hospital. I was covid positive and spent the next 6 days in the hospital. I received convalescent plasma and was discharged.

Right now the house is empty and we are gonna sell the house. Only problem is my dad is still in the Philippines and he may have to come home to sign off on the house. The house will be split 3 ways.

I could have smoked or drank today but that’s not going to bring her back. It’s been a long year.

If you ever lose a parent, it’s a dreadful feeling. If you ever get covid, I can’t stress getting convalescent plasma to kill off all the covid. I wish my mother had stayed in the hospital.

Give. Your parents a hug, you never know when that dreadful day will be.

I know I’ve been a dick in the past. Treat your neighbor as you would yourself.

Life is too short to be hating each other.

I’m wishing you all well as this website becomes dead.
May 17, 2013
Just try to remember the good times and let the bad pass. It gets easier as time passes and I know this from burying many of my relatives over the years.

As for your dad coming back from the Philippines to sell the house, he could check into doing a "Power of Attorney" and have someone sign all that paperwork for him. My wife's in the business and this is done all the time. He could appoint someone to act on his behalf and not have to make that trip.
May 17, 2013
I hope everything goes well for you. This is also why I'm a huge advocate of older parents signing documents to get shit done at some point. It's always a hassle when everything is after-the-fact. Anyways, best of luck taking care of your stuff.

My wife's mother and father had been divorced for ages and both lived to be in their mid 80's before passing. Her dad wanted , and signed all the paperwork, to donate his body to the LSU Medical School to be used by students studying to become doctors. They kept his body for a week or so shy of 3 years before returning his cremains to the family.

My wife's mother, upon urging from her 2 daughters signed up and paid for cremation services from a local funeral home no more than a couple months prior to her passing from cancer, but she did get it done and not put that on her surviving family.

Both of them didn't want any religious services or funeral so the family held get-togethers for family and friends to celebrate their lives more in a pot-luck situation where folks brought food and drink and people traded stories of how their lives were impacted by the deceased.
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Yolo Swaggins

I wear your Grandads clothes
May 16, 2013
Time lessens the feeling but the pain will always be there, Sorry for your loss.
I lost both my parents when I was young.
I hope you will consider getting the vaccinations, (i’m under the impression you haven’t had them)
Dec 25, 2019
Lost mine the day after New Years day.

Got told 4 days before she only had around a month to live and was absolutely gutted to only get her for 5 days.

Luckily me and the missus stayed with the old fella the night she passed,and managed to get all 3 of us beside her for her last breaths and i dread to think of the old fella there himself.Seeing those last breaths was fucking awful,but as said so lucky to be there too.

He is a very old school hard old lad,but he was absolutely lost and took it way worse than i thought but after 60 years together it was only logical really.

Not a day goes by without her coming into my head for something,and as bad as it sounds i have to force myself to stop those thoughts and think other things so i don't mope.

Was so tight to both parents,did absolutely everything with them but for the last 10 i can't say i was close to the old dear due to my sister.

Now she's gone,the hardest part is the regrets that i didn't have quality time to spend with her when we knew how serious things were,and i'm sure that goes for the rest of the family,and the old fella moreso.

Have had 5 funerals in the last 2 years of this generation of the family and it's a thought that mine is the next generation to start dropping,if we even get to that age.