Today I learned....


My time to get an avatar is running out
May 9, 2013
You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how this works.

If I say "Clarence is a pedophile", it is on me to provide evidence of that. You seem to think that me saying that makes it true, and now YOU have to go and search for evidence to show that you are not a pedophile. That's actually the exact opposite of how it works. :thumbsup

You really are a fucking bellend
May 19, 2013
Today I learned...

Well, today I learned that vinyl is the best medium for playing music.

Somehow I have gone 33 years without ever really listening to a vinyl record. Well, now a mate of mine is moving house and he asked me to store some of his stuff including his record player and records. He said I was free to fuck around with the player, and now I'm here listening to the album Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen on Vinyl for the first time, and, well, fuck me....

I'm gonna have to buy one now.