Tommy Morrison Thread


Jul 23, 2013
He does himself no favours at all, he wasn't in danger of getting hit, but he knew that as as soon as the guy 'threatened' to kill him he had a free license to knock him out. Still doesn't look good.
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Jun 6, 2012
Leek Town
Robinson is a proper cock, just goes around looking for bother. He dont give a fuck about politics hes just a scumbag who likes to cause as much trouble as possible.

When Sunderland played Celtic he purposefully wore a Rangers top and posted it all over social media which of course brought the Celtic fans down to smash the shop up and cause bother on that street then insighted a fight when a celtic fan got bashed up with a bat and hospitalised.

I mean those fans will have been cunts as well but weve played Celtic loads and never had bother. Just no need for it, dudes just a massive cock.
Jun 17, 2013
That kind of includes us though and Germany,France and Sweden
I've seen videos of these people going to other countries and acting like they fucking own it... that's unacceptable. Stories of these MF'ers raping woman infuriate me...if you can't go to a different country and act civilized, you deserve to die in that shithole country you came from.