Literal Communist
Jul 24, 2012
So let's get this right, you've came over to a forum that you don't even post on to gossip-girl about some guy and his ex-burd that no cunt here knows personally beyond some screen-name and nobody seems to have any hard feelings towards, you then shit talk this forum and expect us to give as much of a fuck as you seem to?

Meanwhile you've managed to spend, what, 80 pages since the weekend on OTH talking about this guy and his bird?


Nae bother.

You motherfuckers actually talking about other forums here? Jesus crimeny Christmas! No wonder you can't keep women! :mad

Ernest Shackleton

Moderate Assadist
Jun 8, 2013
So the other forum has nothing better to do than post on the original forum because their own forum has gone to shit? :lol:
And if we dare comment on a thread they have come over to start about a thread on their site that we are not interested then according to them we are obsessed.
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Mar 12, 2015
No one cares, you guys have shit humor. I'd rather watch paint dry than see another drab post from you guys. Go keep it over in your trash bin.
Watching paint dry is reading your post you boring, boring cunt.

I hope you drown in cow shit.
Mar 12, 2015
Your buddy is as boring as you are. Now kindly fuck off back to your shit hole filled with overgrown children and keep the drama to yourselves.
Ah man I was going to switch allegiance then and now you've put me off.

Enjoy this cess pit mate, all you with the moral high ground over here are a bit much for me.


Jul 17, 2012
South London
buncha fuckin gibberish.

we obviously knew trail was some sort of sex pest, we obviously already decided to/not to use oth.


Professional amateur
Dec 12, 2015
This is a real scumbag move and we as a community need to ignore or push back against this shit.

It could happen to anyone. You. Me. Jay. Anyone. We all chat shit on CHB OTH and our partners watch us on our laptops phones or pcs.

Shame on anyone getting gratification from a scorned women.
Can you define what "this" and "it" are in this case? I've got no clue what's going on except something about Trail.