Training on empty stomach, yes or no?

Oct 17, 2017
I get the idea that it's good for cutting, but every time i try this i just have a really flakey session, lack energy and my technique suffers.

Normally i'll eat a bowl of porridge with some chia and pumpkin seeds pre, and feel great for my workout. However if i'm doing predominantly cardio (skipping, bodyweight exercises, bag work and circuits), guess that ultimately i may well just be going to the gym to burn off the calories i've consumed for breakfast.

Is this something that you just need to become accustomed to? Any thoughts?
Jun 25, 2017
Wouldn't think of it as burning calories just consumed as your body need calories to just be.

I've had that kind of thinking before and can end up unhealthy.

Not eating before cardio is fine if o ly doing steady state, like jogging. If going hard need some fuel.


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Jun 5, 2013
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There's some evidence that fasted training burns a little more fat, but not enough to justify a less than par workout. A bowl of porridge isn't all that caloric. If you feel fresher and get in a longer routine after eating one, you are doing better by your body.

I love a bowl of oatmeal/porridge with some fresh blueberries, maybe a handful of almonds, before I ride. That's my go to pre training or pre event meal. Will have to try adding pumpkin seeds.
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Jun 5, 2013
I’m more into weights than boxing/cardio/circuit training etc nowadays and would no way train without food beforehand.

In fact, if I’ve had to miss a meal at work due to a cunting meeting or whatever I’ll often sack it off and train on one of my planned rest nights instead.

Food and dieting is everything whilst training. Get the food in, get your mindset right and everything else clicks into place. The food and the mind are the twin pillars that hold the regime together. If one falls, so does the other....
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Aug 7, 2018
when I train in the mornings I usually have a shake or pint of water before & that's it, always get a good nutritious meal/snack in after though
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May 17, 2013
I always eat before any training session. But I do it around 2 hours prior so as the food is digested and you don't have any issues with feeling like you are going to throw up..