Trevor Bryan (WBA 'Regular') vs. Daniel Dubois

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Bryan vs. Dubois Winner and How?

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Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
I think DDD can get him too. Former EBU champ Agit Kabayel had a run out this weekend and picked up the vacant WBA Intercontinental title in the process, he's now 21-0, I'd like to see him fight JJJ in his next fight in a final eliminator for Bryan or whoever has that belt at the time after JJJ fights next month against hopefully Yoka but maybe Takam, providing he collects that W of course.

Good times for the division, 135 is still the most exciting to me at the moment but Welter and Heavy are catching up in terms of the pool and potential for great matchups.
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Fighting the Fury loving Scum
Jun 2, 2019
DDD will beat Bryan, he isn't a high level performer. The WBA regular doesn't mean much but it could line up DDD for a fight against AJ in 22 or 23.
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