TV Shows Boxers Could Present

Sep 22, 2014
Watch retired 2 weight world champion Tomasz Adamek, with his state of the art beach buggy and HGV, enlist the help and charity of the Polish nation to build a children’s play park with no zloty in PolskiTV’s 2019 summer hit Challenge Adamek.
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Jul 14, 2015
'Minging with Miles Shinkwin' follow light heavyweight Miles across the Globe as he attempts to find the most minging female boxer in the world.
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May 8, 2016
Keeping up with the Khandashians...probably too obvious in any case credit goes to Kell Brook who was the one to come up with the nickname Amir Khandashian.

Khans always in the papers with some embarassing story or the other might as well , get paid for it.

Edit...It says TV shows boxers could present. In that case Amir Khan and Play School.
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