Tyrone Nurse v Kerman Lejarraga 8th August

May 24, 2018
Super welter fight. Nurse said to have five weeks of preparations.

I saw the fight live on FITE. Lejarraga won most rounds (if not all), so a well deserved UD. Nurse has never been stopped, and even if Lejarraga hit him with everything he had (with Nurse starting several rounds with leaning on the ropes), including his left hook to the body (aiming for the liver) a lot, Nurse took everything thrown at him well, and the fight was quite even. Lejarraga was perhaps tired in some rounds after hitting Nurse early with a lot of power punches, and that allowed Nurse to come back stronger towards the end of rounds, without ever landing anything big.

Prior to the fight Lejarraga revealed in interviews that the corona break had had a good effect on his nutrition, making him better at controlling his weight. Most of the time he had lived in a rural area, more or less in isolation with his family, with the chance of working out outdoors, and thus been able to train well and stay focused. Consequently, Lejarraga said he was hoping he could step down to welter weight again, allowing him to fight for the European welter title again. (His two losses to Avanesyan in part was due to struggling badly with making the welter weight - in the second fight he had no punch resistance at all).
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