Tyson Fury (Lineal, RING & WBC) vs. Anthony Joshua (WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO)

Fury vs. Joshua Winner and How?

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  • Tyson Fury Decision

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  • Anthony Joshua Decision

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  • Anthony Joshua Stoppage

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Apr 10, 2016

How much would people be willing to pay for this.

If there is no covid restrictions I would pay £50 friends over get the bbq out beers and yea it would be worth it.

If restrictions remain in place looks like it will be the fire stick solo.
Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
There's a 4 minute video in this article, don't bother reading the article just watch the video, Spencer Oliver and Simon Jordan are having a good discussing and making arguments for and against the allegedly proposed PPV for this event, Jordan's against it, Oliver's trying his best to justify it



Fighting the Fury loving Scum
Jun 2, 2019
EH has talked about it being £30, he joked about £50 but said he wasn't serious, the backlash would be pretty intense, especially given that fans are unlikely to be able to go to pubs en masse to watch. I would have considered £30 (although the thought of any of my hard earned cash going to Fury makes me want to vomit) but above that I'd have to stream it.
Jun 5, 2013
£25 I reckon, I don’t really have a dog in this one, people are definitely underestimating AJ though, like this will be a cakewalk, AJ is the best Fury has fought by far.

DB Cooper

peel me a grape
May 17, 2013
“It’s very, very hard for Eddie to shut up. I told him, let’s get this over the line, let’s get this done, and then we’ll make a joint announcement" - said Bob Arum.

“To stop Eddie is like stopping a raging river, he can’t keep his mouth shut."

DB Cooper

peel me a grape
May 17, 2013

Fury saying no progress, looks like a negotiating tactic to me...
I realize there's a balancing act between the priorities of promoting a fight and getting it made but Hearn seems to delight in turning negotiations into soap operas. As Arum said of Hearn recently, 'he can't keep his mouth shut.'