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May 26, 2018
Both parties are littered with that type though. It is an amazingly unsettling position to be in as a voter. You look at these people and think, 'is that the best we can do?' I mean Corbyn, Abbott, Boris and Rees Mogg?
Corbyn and Abbott have no redeeming qualities...


P4P Star
Jul 29, 2012
Since the terrorist attack the other day, one common response from Labour supporters has been to attack the Conservatives for politicising this issue, which I think is a ridiculous argument. For one, both parties have done this and Labour have blamed the attack on the Tory cuts to policing, understaffed prisons etc., but apart from that, it's a very political issue and it's important to raise these questions. It might be classless to do it on the day of the attack but people want to know why these things happen and how it should be stopped, so if Labour want to come out and say that the Tories cuts have raised the terrorist threat or the Conservatives want to say that Labour's weak policy on sentences had made the threat worse, so be it. Both parties have a right to go on the attack yet it's bizarre that Labour supporters are only blaming the conservatives for this when their side has done it just as much.


May 24, 2013
Emain Macha
Glad to hear it. We'll welcome you back into the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland in a couple of years when you also shake off the yoke of rule from Brussels and return to being ruled from Westminster.
Like fuck, son !

We didn't spend eight hundred years kicking your arses out just to let you back in. One of the last vestiges of the once global British empire will shortly be reunited with the rest of the Emerald Isle. Our Scottish brothers will be leaving the UK shortly too, Brxit or no Brexit.
You'll still have a United Kingdom though, if it makes you feel any better....the United Kingdom of England and Wales. It seems that Wales' fate is to be the final province of the empire. Poor Taffies !

You can keep Dublin as your administrative centre, as it is now. The only change will be you'll be implementing London enacted laws and directives from there rather than EU generated stuff.

The departure of London from Europe has already increased the number of foreign companies setting up shop in Dublin to gain (or maintain) access to the EU.

Dublin's fortunes will continue to rise as London's declines. That's why 90 % of London are remainers.

Oh, and of course, language. You'll be expected to use better English, like calling The Police The Police rather than The Garden.
The irony here is that the English spoken in Ireland (both North and South) is superior to, and more comprehensible than the various mish-mash of accents and gibberishes currently spoken in England proper.

An added bonus will be after a 10 year qualifying period, you'll be granted the privilege of being eligible to apply for a UK passport. No guarantee of acceptance and granting the coveted blue coloured document, of course, but just being able to apply will improve your standing in the international community,
Given the rush among UK residents (at least those who think they might qualify) to obtain an Irish passport, I think we can safely say which passport is more in demand and has more prestige.

And if that doesn't convince you, try traveling abroad with your baggage and paraphernalia plastered with union jacks. Then repeat the experiment with tricolours and shamrocks instead and see how you are received in both instances.

I've encountered quite a few 'fake Irishmen' on my foreign travels... Englishmen decked out in Irish regalia and icons in order to avoid the hostility of the locals.

Finally, you might be a little premature (what Englishman isn't :smile) in creating any blue coloured travel documents.
Has your Royal mint gotten all of the egg of its face yet ?
Something about an October 2019 50p coin farce ?: :lol:

Jack McW

Lets get Brexit done !!!
Nov 23, 2014
That 30% will be the classic wealthy tories and the aspirational working class

Ernest Shackleton

Moderate Assadist
Jun 8, 2013