Upcoming Heavyweight fights

Dec 25, 2013
@beadybea What is the latest on Junior Fa, Alexander Frank, Andrey Fedosov, Kyotaro Fujimoto, Robert Helenius Agit Kabayel, Adam Kownacki, Sergey Kuzmin Charles Martn, Joseph Parker, Alexander Poventkin, Kristian Prenga, Kabrat Pulev, Evgeny Romanov, Tony Yoka, and Zhlila Zhang any updates would be welcome
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Jun 6, 2013
Looks like Kownacki vs Helenius next.

I wish they'd bring Kownacki along faster now. Helenius is kind of a joke opponent at this point, and Kownacki has certainly proven himself to be a serious contender. - But he also doesn't seem to train very hard. Maybe if they really match him tough, he'll get his lard-ass into condition.

Imagine Kownacki vs Ruiz, Jr? Battle of the fat, aggressive, defensively-challenged, T Rex's.
It would be a blast !
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May 17, 2013

So....what am i missing about this guy then ?. Looks well average to me, and i know hes meant to be 6ft 9, but dont look in that great a shape.