US Presidential Election - November 3rd 2020

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Joe E

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Jul 29, 2012


so ,essentially ,all the 'evidence' they have,all the shit they wave about on TV.......................well,they are random affidavits they aksed for...............from random trumpists......................who are already convinced there is a fixed election................the dumbest fuckers on the planet are filling out paperwork about the 'fraud' they saw....................

we live in a fucking circus run by complete clowns.....................

holy shit almighty

these people.......................holy can we,as a nation,get ANYWARE with this fuckin absolute intellectual and economic deadweight?
"how can we,as a nation,get ANYWARE"

Especially with persons that believe they're intelligent and make 4th grade spelling mistakes.



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Jan 28, 2013
Absolutely amazing how fucking corrupt the united states is. Elected public officials showing absolutely zero integrity. Dozens of them. All undermining the democratic process just to suck up to one man and back their party. This goes back to the impeachment proceedings aswel where it was essentially thrown out without any consideration by republicans.

How does the American system even allow this shit to happen? Even something as simple as trump straight sacking anyone whos doing their job and not backing his shit 100%. It should not be that easy to fuck the system and manipulate it to this extent. Something is very wrong with the USA. This bipartisan bullshit has to be stopped. There has to be a legitimate impartial check put in place


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May 17, 2013
Morpeth, Northumberland
If Trump has any meaningful evidence of fraud significant enough that the election is in doubt he's obviously not demonstrated it yet. Time to accept the loss and move on, the Republicans actually did pretty well on the whole and they need to look ahead to future elections at this point. If they can take the positives from Trumpism with a candidate without so much of the negatives they can get back into power, without a doubt.
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May 17, 2013
The House that Peterbilt
"how can we,as a nation,get ANYWARE"

Especially with persons that believe they're intelligent and make 4th grade spelling mistakes.

oh joe :rofl

the guy who thinks chemtrails are real

the guy who thinks sandy hook was a false flag

the guy who thinks OBAMAGATE is real

the guy who thinks the 1792 coinage act is still in full effect

the guy who thinks Oklahoma City was an inside job

the guy who thinks Hillary is going to be the dem nomination

the guy who thinks Hunter Bidens laptop is real

the guy who thinks Omar Mateen was an ACTOR

the guy who thinks the 2020 election was fixed for Biden but the conspiracy let Mitch McConnel win...........

The guy who thinks COVID is a liberal hoax

the guy who makes random spelling mistakes and capitalizes random letters in his every post

THAT guy just dismissed my post about the dangers of stupid people because of a spelling error
Aug 2, 2013
Never ever call me a fucktard man
Btw, how's the feelings going in your white nationalist circles knowing that their hero couldn't win a 2nd term as president following a black man being able to get elected to 2 terms?

How are they feeling that the same Vice President to that black president defeated their hero?

How are they feeling that their hero is getting replaced by a president that will have a black woman as vice president?

Just kidding, you don't have to answer, I already know the answer, they and you are not feeling good , I just wanted to remind you