Valuable to you

May 22, 2013
I never would have thought about it before this thread but like others I'd grab my portable hard drive. Far to many photos from life through the years on it that I haven't saved anywhere else to let it go.

Also I have a watch that was the last thing my pop gave to me before he passed. It's nothing fancy just a cheap one he won in a golf comp but it's a sentimental gift.

A blanket, same kind of thing but was the last thing my nan gave to me before she lost herself to dementia and eventually passed.

An indigenous spear I have hanging in the lounge room, A painting I was gifted right under it.

Other than that I wouldn't risk it. Everything else is replaceable.

Oh... just to add Since the watch is in the same draw and container thing, I'd grab mine an and my missos passports and a few ID docs. Having to replace those and the visa's etc would be a nightmare.

I'm pretty confident I could carry all that and round it up within a min or two max.
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Dec 25, 2019
All relative to how much time ive got.

Have an antler collection worth a good bit of money as well as pretty sentimental so would try and salvage that along with shooting stuff which is worth a lot.

Greedy sort so i would try and save as much as possible without being stupid about it.