Vasiliy Lomachenko (WBA & WBO) vs. Luke Campbell - August 31st 2019

Lomachenko vs. Campbell Winner and How?

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Jun 5, 2013
Not much the guy can do, it's not like he has a queue of guys lining up to face him. Gervonta Davies is managed by Mayweather, who will no doubt want to wait a few years until Loma is in his mid thirties before making the Tank fight. Mayweather did not become a superstar until his late twenties/early thirties. Tank is 24, so Mayweather isn't gonna rush him into risky fights he can lose

The Welterweight division is where it's at right now, but Loma is unfortunately too small
Aug 28, 2014
Going to watch this mismatch on mute, the commentators will be talking all kinds of rubbish


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Dec 12, 2015
Decent stay busy fight plus for a title. I like Luke and think he has a nice style. But Loma will brutalize him.
At least it's a better fight than Easter Jr or Commey. I guess Barthelemy would've done also just like Fortuna. But I like Fortuna too much (no homo) to see Loma destroy him.
Jun 4, 2012

@Strike it is getting comical.
No point in following Loma's career closely any more, he's wasting his prime on pointless fights and I don't know who's to blame, but his team should be giving him the advice to bin belts if it means bouts that will do nothing for his legacy. It's a step up from Crolla, but it's a waste of time all the same.
Jun 3, 2012
Peak District, UK
He seemingly simply wants to unify the belts, doesn't much care who holds them. A shame as this is pointless for anything other than adding the third belt. Can't blame Campbell for taking it, but when he says 'no one can stand between me and the belts', I fear he's about to find out that Loma will.
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Aug 28, 2014
Fight to be on PPV, I wonder if Usyk got the injury so they can put him on the undercard

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Jun 4, 2013
Who else really is there at 135, though? Campbell is probably the #1 contender for anyone at this point. Only other fight would be Teofimo Lopez. I mean Barthelemy and Easter Jr. both looks horrible in their fight.
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Jun 25, 2017
Any guesses on where this happen? Wishing for the old ice arena in Hull but more likely London.
Jun 4, 2013
It's all about the money. I suppose he can do what he likes now. I won't bother watching though. Caught up with the Crolla mismatch on YT and it was hard to watch.

Don't think Davis' team wants to know. Shame, it'd be a fun fight.
It’s got absolutely zero to do with money, as always it’s been about unifying the belts and his legacy.