VICE: Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 - May 6th 2021

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Pro Wrestling: Fan or Not A Fan?

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May 26, 2018
Kevin Sullivan, David and Sandra are definitely going to work an angle in AEW.

Kevin comes out with Sandra.
David steals Sandra from Kevin.
Kevin kills both David and Sandra but makes it look like David committed a murder-suicide.

Kevin wins the AEW HW Title bro...
Jun 14, 2012
Just finished the Bart Gunn one. I was a WCW man growing up and only heard about The Brawl For All a few years ago. It is a good concept on paper but there was clearly no thinking ahead here in terms of injuries and how it would affect some people's careers. It presented here that the WWF just presumed that Steve Williams would win the tournament and then got petty when he didn't.

You've got to feel bad for Bart Gunn too. Should have been a great opportunity to make a good career in wrestling and got thrown under the bus big time by Vince McMahon because he flattened a couple of his favourites in real fights. That KO off Butterbean is fuckin brutal man.