Video of 16 year old, Devin Haney sparring Shawn Porter

Jun 17, 2012
He didnt look bad but its hard to form a true assesment based upon that viewing. Porter is a pressure fighter who was getting a bit of defensive work in there.


May 16, 2013
Here's Haney sparring Shakur Stevenson:

That was a good quality session. Some high level skills in there much better to watch than the training drills with Porter. This Stevenson guy I am watching out for as well.

Coaching from Roy Jones

Jun 6, 2013
Sparring..... 'nuff said.

I particularly like how he leads with his head, instead of closing the distance with footwork. :eek:
It's one thing to try and draw your opponent it, it's another to actually attack that way.

Good thing he had head gear on. - And good thing Burns is a lousy counterpuncher.
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Sep 17, 2012

Meh, he is a gifted amateur. But I think he's shooting his development in the foot turning pro so young. Wait a few years fighting the best amateurs, turn pro and fight tough competition right out of the gate. I think these guys he's fighting now may lull him into bad habits in the ring and the tougher guys may put an unnecessary blemish on his record compared to if he just had a bit more seasoning.
Jun 13, 2013

Haney is 17 now and just turned pro last month. Mayweather talked him up a lot and I see why. They say that he stops grown men on a regular basis in sparring.
Haney isn't bad but shakur is much better. Haney was weighing in much heavier against shakur but still was getting edged imo
Jun 14, 2014
Makes you really appreciate guys like Barrera, Canelo, Sal Sanchez, Benitez, etc. who started in their teens and went on to have a successful boxing careers.