Warrington leaves Queensbury lol

Sep 19, 2016
Wonder what's going on at CHB...

"oh no it's terrible for British boxing, we want loads of promotors and different shows on different channels and ppvs every week"

Sit down and shut up while I tell you how it is

One more step on the journey of earn Hearn taking over British boxing to a total monopoly, that's best for business.

Al the little plebs need to fall, ITV cocks office is gone, Haymon has turned tail on his "invasion", ran out of town by Hearns, Warren will soon call it a day, Frank Maloney turned into a woman to avoid being destroyed by Hearns.

Soon UK boxing will be entirely matchroom, much like how UFC is, all under one banner, that's good for fans as fights will get made. And one subscription will get u all UK fights.

DAZN are playing the long game, they already ran off HBO, and Steven Espidozer of showtime is ready to drop dead of stress induced high blood pressure. Arum doesn't have long left.so all that's left will be Al tranny lover.

Face it, Hearn is taking over, and UK PPS should be proud, cut out the tall Poppy syndrome, Hearns is changing the game.