WBC announces first Bridgerweight rankings and they stink!

DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013
  1. Oscar Rivas (Columbia / Canada)
  2. Ryad Merhy (Belgium)
  3. Kevin Lerena (South Africa)
  4. Dmitry Kudryashov (Russia)
  5. Evgeny Romanov (Russia)
  6. Bryant Jennings (US)
  7. Artur Szpilka (Poland)
  8. Alen Babic (Croatia)
  9. Joel Tambwe Djeko (Belgium)
  10. Shigabudin Aliev (Russia)
  11. Marco Huck (Germany)
  12. Bilal Laggoune (Belgium)
  13. Samuel Kadje (France)
  14. Rashid Kodzoev (Russia)
  15. Isaac Chamberlain (GB)
  16. Carlouse Welch (US)
  17. Imre Szello (Hungary)
  18. Oleksandr Teslenko (Ukraine)
  19. Labinot Xhoxhaj (Kosovo)
  20. Robert Simms (US)
Sep 10, 2016
Named after a kid who saved his sister from a dog attack isn’t it?

Dana White is spot in about boxing atm though, it’s becoming an absolute joke. UFC is completely showing it up with consistent competitive match-ups and entertaining fights.

he talks a lot about getting into boxing but I struggle to see even how he could change the direction of the sport. it could probably be done with prospects by creating competitive matchups at the lower level as the money dictated is far lower but getting the best v the best in the ring would be a problem when guys like Canelo are demanding 10’s of millions per fight.
May 8, 2016
The name itself is silly just adds nore confusion. Could have called it Super Cruiserweight or Something.

Maybe not many boxers are interested in being a Bridgerweight champion and have ruled themselves out.


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Jan 28, 2013
Pretty silly if you ask me. But i wouldn't be surprised if this is seen as a normal division in 20y
Aug 28, 2014
Ill be honest after I saw Kudryashov and Rivas in it I got excited, I always said Kudryashov should be at heavyweight hes huge and maybe thats why his chin is so bad from weight cutting but this division might be perfect for him

If they can get a couple more top 10-15 heavyweights to join it could just be a fun division full of wars but not a serious division, the HW division has such a big gap in skill so I dont blame people for going down to try and win a belt
May 17, 2013
Just what boxing needs, another fucking weight division, more belts, more champions of different organizations and it all equals------more diluting of the once grand sport.


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Jun 2, 2019
Bridgerweight gotta be the worst name ever. Super Cruiser is definitely the way to go.. It should really be Light Heavy and the Current Light Heavy should be Light Cruiser but they will never rename it....
Apr 10, 2016

Should be

Super Middleweight
Light Heavy
Super Heavyweight

So AJ etc etc jump up the Bridge club go heavyweight. It would be unpopular though.

I'm going to watch every Bridgweight fight and the name certainly has people talking so yea off to good start.

Teddy Atlas is a fan oink oink lol

In a ideal world u would have 2 champions in Bridge WBC is 1 IBF would be the other. 4 governing body champions out of the above list is bit of piss take.

I didn't know that the IBA have a super cruiserweight category no champion though. I was just looking through there champions. Only 2 that jumps out is Alvarez Light Heavy. And Mock Super Middleweight
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Apr 10, 2016
DB piss poor performance so far with this thread. Need to up your game lol

Inaugural title news posted December

Everyone get on the Bridgerweight hype train. Set myself a goal to watch every single fight in the Bridgerweight division.

March 13th keep the date free but with South Africa strain will this go ahead

Logistic wise Merhy vs Laggoune ?

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