WBC-Canelo romance knows no limits. Another belt for Canelo and Charlo is declared champ

DB Cooper

peel me a grape
May 17, 2013
The WBC must have a great relationship with their belt manufacturer.

The skeptical might suggest this is just a ploy to force GGG to fight Charlo.
Jun 5, 2013
Pennsylvania, USA
Charlo hasn't earned a fight against any champion at Middleweight. He fought the 40th ranked Korobov into the 20th ranked Adams. That's good progression in terms of opposition, but he talks as if others are dodging him. Nobody is dodging him. He just has no fans or following because he hasn't accomplished anything in the sport besides a highlight reel KO over JMW Williams...and the verdict still isn't out on Julian Williams either.

Whatever happened to Danny Jacobs? Charlo had his volume raised and everything and then...confrontation...poof. Doesn't even whisper Danny's name anymore. What about hungry lion?

GGG earned his run/fights. Canelo earned it and continues to earn it. Danny Jacobs earned everything he's gotten. Andrade fought a respectable Sulecki after being contracted to fight Top 5 MW BJS so he's earned a fight with Canelo although it's not likely to happen...NEXT. Canelo probably fights Smith or Kovalev in September and depending on the outcome might go to Andrade. Andrade just needs to stay busy with opponents like GGG, Jacbos, Dervenchenko, Brant, or even a Martin Murray (if he's still fighting). Hell BJS may even come back down to MW if he can

MW remains boxings deepest division for now