What’s your favorite Ice cream

Jun 4, 2013
I like all ice cream, but I'm lactose intolerant as hell. My mom bought me some milk chocolate ice cream. It was delicious, but holy shit, it gave me a fucking enema. I literally couldn't sleep because I was up and down on the shitter. Usually, it's not that fucking bad. Not sure what the hell that was about this time.

Slick Ric

Long limousines & jet airplanes
Apr 7, 2015
I had some Baskin Robbins coffee chocolate chip ice cream the other day. It was nice.


Disgruntled Mexican
May 21, 2013
Ice cream is always great. My favorite flavors are cookies & cream, butter pecan, and vanilla with a caramel ribbon or marble swirl.

As far as novelties go, Snickers ice cream bars, Drumsticks, and Fudge Pops/Bars are pretty unfuckwithable.
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kenny black

Well-Known Moron
Jun 5, 2013
Chocolate chip is my fave. A lot of new kinds ice cream I won’t even eat, to much syrups and other candy in them.

And that’s the original chocolate chip which is vanilla chocolate chip, mint cane much later and I would not bother to eat it.
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