What are the best features of CHB? What are the worst?

Jun 4, 2013
The fucking like button getting revamped with emojis/smilies, whatever the fuck they're called, is absolutely class. If it's even possible, I'd love if you put some funny meme-type smilies in there instead of the stock emojies (whatever the fuck they call them).
Jun 6, 2012

Can you screenshot? I have nothing like that
I'm on my phone, so not sure how to upload.

First black box has 'make your pics here' written in orange through it.

Second box about 3 times the size with no writing.

Just looked further and the second box has black writing on a black background, but when highlighted the writing is -

'Theme/Skin work is undergoing, so apologies for any weird issues you may get with themes over the next few hours. This is temporary and should lead to the issues being fixed on Dark, and Light theme returning.

Update: Light theme is almost ready to bring back, there has been a php upgrade, which will improve performance considerably, however a few tweaks will need to be made this evening to allocate the memory and resources properly. Apologies for any random site errors - a couple of refreshes will fix it. This should be fixed by end of the day/start of tomorrow. I figure it's better to refresh a few times than have the site down all day. :)'
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Feb 13, 2019
New Heads (and suggested uses)

Working closely with our resident graphics whizz and fellow Moderator I am pleased to announce three exciting new additions to the heads menu ...

Tip Hat

For use when a 'like' is simply not enough.


Am I Really?

If someone calls you an abusive name, don't argue (it's futile) merely post one of these.


Point and Laugh

If you see a post you consider to be absurd, don't get involved in a debate, simply post this to show your amusement.

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