What are the best features of CHB? What are the worst?


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May 8, 2013
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So what is the maximum image size that can be uploaded? I know Jay increased the size some time ago because I was having problems uploading stuff but it seems to have been reduced again?

My phone is generating, on average, 4MB files and I've just cropped an image down so it is .99MB but that was still too big.

I'm intending to get back into photography, particularly macro, and was going to start a thread after the stuff arrives next week but I'll obviously have to think about uploading and hosting if I'm going to do that.
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Jun 11, 2013
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@dkos A thing I just thought about doing if we ever get a fucking donate button. How about doing like a competition with something like a $50 or $20 Amazon giftcard for like the most active poster on the WBF (non-spam) after a year or something? You can announce it on Twitter too. Just shooting out ideas. I mean something small as a way to get more activity, maybe. Worst thing about it is I think it'll bring out spammers.

We can also have a competition using the MS paint bullshit thread that someone made. Funniest MS paint pictures gets some crappy $20 Amazon giftcard or some shit. Just a few thoughts to get this place more activity.

I think doing competitions or something and winning some pity money would be pretty cool. This way you can make announcements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever the fuck you post and entice new people to join.
It is something I'm already considering. I'd have to see how the ad revenue goes before committing to anything like prizes, but it is something I want to do :good

I think rewarding a 'Poster of the Month' could be fun... :yep
How about having those Sri Lankan kids appear out of the jungle holding a sign up with the ‘Poster Of The Month’s’ name on it :yep