What are the best features of CHB? What are the worst?

  • CHB will be closing down as of 31st July 2021. It's been a brilliant experience to run the website for the past 9 years, however it's time for me to move onto different projects. Thanks to every single person involved, from staff, former staff, posters old and current. All support means more than anyone knows. Thanks for your understanding.
Jun 2, 2012
Letterkenny, Ireland
Any chance of creating a new forum just for Flint so he can post **** walks to work bullshit to his hearts content as an added bonus you could lock it so only Flint has access.


Jul 17, 2012
South London
the chess thread and people telling jonstown to fuck off they just dont want anything to do with him is fun as fuck to read. he sucks at chess, he's a trolling piece of shit, he is the one who actually lives off his mom(prob not in the basement tbf).

the fuck is wrong with the guy in charge of this horrendous shitshow? why will you sacrifice it all for one fat stupid, horrible fucking cunt? why did you?
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May 24, 2013
Emain Macha
best features...dobyzhee sex videos are locked forever in the nsfw threads..
Doby, now that the end is in sight, you need to make some sort of arrangements to preserve your epic dumpster and pegging threads.

If those masterpieces ever reach their full commercial potential, you may be able to tell your boss to
"...take this job and shove it...Teddy just became a millionaire ! "