What Are You Listening to CHB?

Jul 6, 2019

Banging 80's soft rock, with some classic Cher madness in the video.

Gets dumped, puts on some chainmail, goes back to the club with a new guy, (who has bigger hair and less clothes), slaps the old boyfriend, then walks down the train tracks like a prostitute.

Boogle McDougal

Jun 8, 2012

I've been exploring The Beach Boys' back catalogue post Pet Sounds. For whatever reason I've never really given them much of a look in outside their biggest hits and Pet Sounds, which is a genuine pop masterpiece.

The above song is one of my favourites by the band. The whole album is wacky and a real turn away from pure pop music for the band. Apparently released as Brian was starting to go a bit mad.

This and Surf's Up are fucking incredible and seem to be massively under-appreciated by the public at large.
As @Boogle McDougal has articulated countless times in no uncertain terms, Mike Hate the Bully impaired Brian with his regressive and repressive "Don't fuck with the 'formula!', blah, blah, blah,..." attitude mantra, costing the Beach Boys their opportunity to try continuing to compete with the Beatles using new and evolved material from Brian, making Smile a question of what might've been.
There have been countless movies about the Beach Boys, but none of them come close to relaying the whole story in all of it's strange nuance. Like for instance, I'm still baffled as to why they even put out Smiley Smile. It might be even weirder than Smile. What made them think that doing a hasty re-recording would be any more commercial? It's basically career suicide. Brian Wilson seemed to be hell bent on self destruction for awhile after this. Still made some very nice, gentle music during this period. I enjoy Smiley Smile as the ugly duckling it is. It's just too weird and their voices sound great. The instrumentation is pretty spare so the vocals really stand out. Which is what they're best at anyway. So as far as botched albums go, it's actually pretty cool.
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