What does Lomachenko need to do to be considered an all-time great?

Feb 7, 2018
Oh no, I think there are a good few fighters who looked better at their best than Lomachenko. I have to say. Floyd was otherworldly, Ward outclassing world level operators with disconcerting ease, Hopkins negating his opponents almost completely, Pacquiao blitzing through the divisions, etc. Roy, Toney and Chavez were just a bit before my time, but they all looked quite a bit better too by my eye.
Nah. I love movement & fluidity - ain't none of them guys touching Loma.


Jul 14, 2012
A more interesting way of asking the same question is: 'What does Lomachenko need to do to be considered as great as the lowest-ranked/worst ATG?' I don't really get why people are mentioning those who are in legitimate contention for the title of 'GOAT', that's not the comparison that anyone should be thinking of; dismissing the question through hyperbole isn't a valid argument e.g. 'Did you watch Linares-Lomachenko on the weekend? Great fight wasn't it?' 'Yeah I did but it was not great at all, didn't come close to Morales-Barrera I.'

I have no idea who that lowest-ranked ATG would be as I just don't know enough about boxing but I think it would be easier to approach the question by looking at it from that perspective. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Jun 1, 2012
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Sorry, Ward looked better than Loma?
Errr...yes, and that should not be considered controversial.

Ward stopping Kovalev is more impressive than all of Lomachenko's fights combined, nevermind the fact he dominated Kessler and Froch like they were third rate sparring partners.

If you're talking about looking more aesthetically pleasing, then that's a different debate.


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Jun 5, 2013
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He needs to go back to school watch some video and learn from the Technical Grand Master Orlando Canizales. On how to attack on the inside from angles with hooks and uppercuts.
This is superior use of angles. Loma does a whole bunch of useless bullshit just to step in and smother his opponent. All flash against inferior fighters, but barely functional against fighters that can hold him at bay with lead hand dominance and quick counterpunching.

Great post.
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