Whats your favourite type of dinosaur?


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May 16, 2013
Not the Philippines
Compared to all the other flying species?

Check this....Foot wasn't even Bronto or Brachio...he was Apato......WTF?!?
There were only 2 well known flying dinos when I was younger. I was probably one of the two or 3 gradeschool kids who were kinda into dinos, back in the late 80s. Before the internet, everything was from library books.

Pterodactyl and Archeopteryx, and Archeo was more like a puny dino-bird hybrid they could not be ridden like a horse by a hero, at all.


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May 16, 2013
No. Noone gives a fuck about peetree. The annoying shit bat. Foot was a Brachio I thought?
Petie was the best one! He learned how to fly, none of those other ones could do anything as cool as that. And he was also the only predator out of them.



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May 17, 2013
Newcastle upon Tyne
There was this one and the name escapes me and my phone is going to die, he had a turtle spiked shell, and a wrecking ball tail and would smack Raptors around for breakfast. an absolute wrecking ball. The greatest predators would be scared of it. It was herbivore I'm sure @Phantom
Ankylosaurus? I wouldn't have remembered either but someone posted earlier in the thread
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May 12, 2013
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Ankylosaurus? I wouldn't have remembered either but someone posted earlier in the thread
Thats the one brother. I read this one where the ending had the ankly surrounded by raptors and then it just battered about 8 of them . Everything died in the end. Raptors caught on spines and shit. Awesome
Jul 24, 2012
It seems like the most recently discovered dinos have the shittest most unoriginal names ... Huge-o-Saurus and shit like that ... then they started putting feathers all over them, fucking them up more.

If they start putting feathers on the T-Rex I'm going to be annoyed.